Uniforms Are On the Way

This is May Day,and this is also the labors’ festival. We certainly would not fall behind in fashion,So today I have found some uniforms for the fashionable style to share the fashion breath with you.

 When we mention the different labors, we have to think about farmers and workers, blue-collar and farmers in contemporary time. They  never seem to be insulated with fashion. This season things changed, and the image of laboring is filled with major fashion week.

The Chanel “harvest moon” shown in this big palace of Paris  is the most famous. Karl Lagerfeld convened lots of people for help beforehand. They built a primary farmhouse in the palace and then carried lots of fresh hay from farm. The hay, piled up or shopped, made the T-stage look like a Scotland’s country pasture. After the show began, young models appeared with leap and jump. The originally formal Chanel suits worn on them were specially clipped to flash and off-line .Instantaneously they changed from formality to animation. What’s more, models Lara Stone and Freja Beha were dressed up as village girls. 

Karl Lagerfeld’s love for laboring people is not only in this design. Actually, in the 2010 Chanel early-autumn series conference hold in Shanghai, those cloaks which made models looks like tea-peaking-girls of China revealed his laboring memory.

Ralph Lauren also aimed at the rural villages this season. Being different from Lagerfeld, Ralph Lauren reproduced the image of the great depression—of because it was modernized —dresses with flower pattern, lotus leaf, cap and the most essential Denim fabric constructed unique Ralph Lauren of this season.

It seems that every show ’s reverence to the laboring people is extremely high. May Day is coming and it is the high time we blessed all of labors in a fashioned way.


The Popular Colour This Year–Purple

The popular colour has become my favorite purple this year. I have loved this colour since my childhood, filled with fantasy and mystery. Purple is really popular in 2010,emerged in many brands’ show such as Dior, Jason Wu, Anna Su, Carolina Herrera. The skirt design prefers to use purple for its rich styles. From the wit to elegance, its varieties of styles release magical brilliance.

This is from Anna Sui’sT –stage.It is a normal design of applying complicated patterns to the mysterious purple, but the hollow boots play a decorative role and purple matched with black is an absolutely perfect choice.

This is from Salvatore Ferragamo’sT-stage demonstration. Folding skirt made of yarn perfectly interprets the mysterious and elegant purple. I pretty like this design. It feels very smooth and just like the wool material.

This is from Dior’s T-stage. It is absolutely meet the brand’s position—luxury. The goldfish tail skirt is absolutely a combination of luxury and elegance. I think design with shapes of glitter in the upper body is the perfect embodiment of the Dior brand.

This suspender skirt is designed by Notte by Marchesa. The design is very simple. Look at the collar, the complex technology and simple design show a clear contract. If it is worn by a good-shape lady, the advantage of cutting will be better reflected.
Purple, mysterious color, my favorite colour. I also like what I have found above. I hope that after reading this article, you can leave a message telling me what is your favorite colour, and then we can predict which will be popular in the future based on your choices.

Spring and Summer Trend in Practical Accessories

In spring and summer, accessories on the T-stage show gradually tend to be more practical. The fashion designs walk away from the high T-stage and start to express fashion in a low-key way, and they are closer to life Let’s see how these accessories become practical.

There is no doubt that high-heel shoes or super high-heel shoes are no longer appear on the T stage only, and more and more ladies put them into their closet. This season, big brand release their super high-heel shoes with unprecedented effort. Versace、Prada、Jil Sander mix the super high-heel shoes with Graffiti printing, wood root, and digital printing together, and their innovative ideas want more ladies to have a try. To be honest, someone without a fashion attitude may hardly take them. Are you ready to accept them?

Whether should the transparent be considered to be a kind of colour? This color is considered to be a major trend this season. Completely transparent bags, shoes make spring and summer light and fresh. They are transparent like crystal but not dazzling diamonds as if to give accessories spirituality.

Stacked feeling and exaggerated feeling of heavy metals of Vera Wang、Naeem Khan will not be neglected. A single accessory of metal style highlights the fashion sense. You can start with a metal bracelet and get used to sharp trend.

Existence sense of jewelry has become popular for several seasons. This season seems to be more prominent. Previous cascading necklace this season is really regarded as trivial. Exaggerated gold flowers, colored gemstones are all on the show without any reservation. We should relentlessly say goodbye to “less is more” and we” More is more” age!

Since the footwear and accessories all have the sense of existence, then bags should not be neglected. Alexander Wang’s football-shaped handbag is a really unique idea, but this can only be considered in the presence of a low-key sense this season. In order to suit the beautiful spring clothing, you can try more bright colours and materials boldly. For example, Proenza Schouler’s fluorescent neon colors, and Versace’s light-colored printing are really pretty.
In fact, fashion can not live without being practical, and not make people feel there it is always superior and too far away, loosing the true sense. Because the clothes always serve for people ,and we should promote industrialization of clothing!

A Look Back at 2009

I have browsed many video sites, and some of the really impressed me. So I want to share with you .This video is about a brief review of the past year. First we can see the grand occasion of the red carpet. Actors and pop singers are always fashion’s darling, and this provided them with a proper occasion to show themselves. They are more inclined to show in such ceremony to attract the attention of fans and media. Then we can appreciate some shots on the T-stage and behind the scenes. These all came from the hands of masters, and represented the development of fashion industry over the past year. Finally there are some interviews to the models or editors. Especially I notice Lady Gaga, who is an American recording artist, and her dress is always giving us a lot of surprises. This is the first time that I insert video into my page, and I will add more wonderful video in the future to enrich my blog.

Bowknot–Allows You to Get Back Your Youth

Recently, I searched some Chinese website and found that there was a enhance trend of pursuing the fashion in Korea and Japanese style. However, in this trend, some elements were sought after several years ago have gone and replaced by something more international. The primary elements in the Japanese and Korean fashion are lovely and youth so that we often think of the time we were young when we catch sight of this kind of fashion. Some Europe and America fashion sometimes also adapted some Japanese and Korean elements and I find that they use a common collocation, it is the bowknot.

This coat is totally scrawliness. Exaggerated format bowknot lets this monotonous clipping coat appear a fashion look. By this we can easily discover that in fact, something slightly older is not only a kind of fresh but also a collision of the ancient and modern when they were added some fashion elements. But there is a big defect of this coat, it is about matching. I picked out it when I writing this article but I eventually don’t know how to match it.

A pink and tender small jelly! When you seeing this coat you have this feeling, don’t you? It is really watery and tender! Putting on this coat, is there a need to add any modification to your youth? Simple cropping style matching bowknots entirely, it is the other one coat which combined the ancient and modern, conservative and exaggerated. The absolute highlight of the young style!

I saw the British style from the color of this coat. With the design of bowknot, it seems like a shock of the impact the two continents! Perhaps this coat just looks ordinary but it is absolutely a popular item to reflect your own style!

The contrast is more strongly of this coat. Bowknot matching with punk, it is a bold idea. Sloppy cut zipper design embodies the casual feeling,This coat is suit for these soft female when they want to show their punk and wild side. Not so hard, like the perfect combination of the two kind of feeling.
No girl has no preference for bowknot in the youth. But now, with the development of society, our age is on the increase, and then we more or less ignored our preference and dream in youth. Seeing these items reminds me of my childhood!

The Trendy Item—Silk Blouse

Silk was given mysterious oriental flavor in the ancient times and now was given new verse by the western stylists. Of course the trendy item in this season is silk blouse. I love to see occidental wearing silk which comes from the Orient—it is the perfect combination of East and West. With a silk blouse, you can come out to see your customers in the morning and then have a cup of coffee with your lover in the afternoon. Anyhow, your silk blouse will never make you be inferior.

The super model Lily Donaldson explains for us how to embody the perfect figure by a silk blouse—matching with a high-waist skirt, the slenderness and capableness of a career woman are embodied totally!

Kate Lanphear,–the senior fashion editor of ELLE in America edition, perfectly interpreted the soft silk into heroic spirit. With the occidental’s unique broad shoulders, the silk blouse seems angulated.

Lauren Santo Domingo,one of New York aristocratic ladies, interprets the silk into career woman style. The blouse which was made by white silk instead of traditional materials not only reflects the wisdom but also increases the charm!

Model Imogen Morris,obviously she wears silk as a under-shirt. Wearing a silk blouse under the thick wind coat, there is no need to worry that the blouse will be ruffled since silk is the special material not easy to be ruffled. You will be graceful and fashionable if you match it with a bootcut.
The Eastern feeling, the Western culture of the stylist, and the model’s occidental skeleton, the perfect collocation shows a contrast of two different cultures. I am so fond of the unique style! Real fashion is the sense of collision, asymmetric, disharmony, the collocation of different style. In the fashion world, it has become another perfect interpretation.

Summer Essentials–Belt

Have you felt more and more intense flavor of summer?Then you can not wait for putting off a lot of layers and put on your favorite dress. But you will find you miss an important single product—belt,which can make your dress more perfect.

This is a completely exaggerated belt.When a original style is sow widenned,it’s style has been drastically changed,making the impressive dress more perfect.The big mental buttons add the sense of reminiscence.

This belt is the representative of Bohemian style.Those thin white cotton dress, floral skirt, the gradient colour dress are so pretty matching with a wide belt..Wide belts with ethnic flavor,decorated with gilded stone, three-dimensional weaving, and other design elements,are very delicated.

I particularly like this multi-layered belt,which is like a beautiful butterfly attached to the same beautiful body. The color of this belt also had a function of converging the upper and lower body.And we also feel that the belt is seamless.

We rarely see the double belt design. Little black skirt with wide girdle is pretty nice.Wearing it,you will be a superstar. But this exaggerated wide girdle require a slim body, Waist and abdomen can not be fat, and preferably with slender legs, it will not appear bulky.
Summer is coming. Let’s find out our belt, referring to my understanding of belt,and meet this summer to come. We need to breath the hot fashion air in the summer.